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Newborn Baby Sleeping

Exceeding Expectations One Family At A Time

Kristy Lamaro Baby Sleep consulting is committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional

care and advice in a compassionate and friendly manner. You’ll quickly see why Kristy has become known

as the best Baby Sleep Professional in Victoria.

She believes all families deserve the best care and always takes extra care to ensure you feel welcome, at

ease and understand all stages of the process.

Touch base with Kristy today to organise a free no obligation chat. 

0403842248 -

Baby Sleeping


I’m a certified baby and child sleep consultant with a diploma in health science and I’m mum to my two young boys James, age 5 and Alexander, age 1. 
As a working mother, I know the value of a good nights sleep and has seen how devastating sleep deprivation can be for babies, mothers and families respectively. I have a great respect for all parents and
their right to raise their children with their own parenting style. I’m so proud to help families across Australia and am able to offer gentle sleep training methods for parents that may have found other methods aren't right for them. I use a scientific and holistic approach, with clear easy to understand plans to reach your sleep goals.

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I’m based on the picturesque Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia but if you live on planet Earth, speak English
and have internet access - I can help you.

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Do you live in the Bass Coast region of Victoria? Have you noticed that mothers in your mothers group or circle of friends are experiencing some sleep challenges?Then why not organise a group chat where you can ask me questions and I can help you get back on track with your baby's sleep. The chats go for about an hour and I can come to your home or meet anywhere in the area your group chooses. 
Minimum of 4 people 
$35 AU per person

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 "Kristy was amazing. She helped so much. my son went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping from 7 to 7. She was so supportive and I could call on her any time. She help me with a plan for him and now when he has sleep regressions or his teething and his sleep gets out of routine. I feel comfortable that I have the knowledge to get him back on track. And I have done so twice. Thank you Kristy." Teagan,  mother of Hendrix


"can’t put into words how much Kristy’s help and support has become the foundation for my son’s sleep and daily routine. Sleep was a foreign friend at night and my little man would only cat nap during the day; needless to say I was exhausted and absolutely obsessed with finding a solution to get him sleeping. We tried online suggestions and friends’ advice plus also attended sleep school but none of that helped. Kristy’s routine looking at the bigger picture of my son’s day and problem solving challenges did wonders for us, I truly couldn’t believe the change in my boy’s sleeping. Couldn’t recommend her more." Emma mother of Harley

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