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Information You Can Rely On

Being a parent is tough work! I offer a 45 minute phone or Skype consultation to parents that need some

information on how to get their bub back on track. This is great for those parents that just need some

guidance and information on helping their family to sleep better. 

$65 AU

Sleeping Newborn


3 weeks to 12 weeks old

Do you have the privilege of having a newborn and need some help getting your baby to sleep?  This package provides you with the skills and knowledge to settle your newborn and help to set good sleep habits for the future.

  • Initial assessment

  • I hour In home or phone Consult 

  • Bespoke, tailored sleep plan

  • Unlimited support texts for 7 days 

  • One 15 minute follow up call​

$220 AU

Child by the Window


3 months to 3 years

This program is designed for babies through to toddlers and uses a holistic approach, looking at environment, nutrition, habits and nap timing.

I will help you set a healthy routine and teach settling techniques. This program also addresses what to do with night wakings, day naps and cat napping. I'll assist you with gentle measures to help change sleep associations such as feed to sleep/ rock to sleep and many


  • Initial assessment

  • One hour In home or phone Consult 

  • Bespoke, tailored sleep plan

  • Unlimited support texts for 10 days 

  • Two 15 minute follow up calls

$295 AU

Toddler Peeking Over Bed Quilt2


3 years to 5 years

This age group can be tricky, getting your angel to go to bed and stay in bed can often be difficult. This package gives some power back to your child and helps them overcome any night time anxieties.

  • Initial assessment

  • One hour in home or phone Consult 

  • Bespoke, tailored sleep plan

  • Unlimited support texts for 7 days 

  • One 15 minute follow up call

$250 AU

Happy Twins


Twins, triplets and quadruplets

Extra $100 AU per Child

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